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Virtual Golf = Real Results

Posted by Ryan C. Erxleben on Mar 26, 2018, 8:41:42 AM

Considering the addition of a golf simulator to your home or office? Professional golfer, Ryan Erxleben offers three reasons to lock in your game -- no tee time required.


We all could use a few more hours in the day. Ideally, a few of these hours would involve practice and play on the course. However, between balancing family events, work schedule, travel time and projects around the home, getting to the course isn't always practical.
Now, imagine if you could turn on your computer, fire up your simulator and get 50+ swings in on the range in less than 30 minutes. No doubt, that kind of practice time will show in your handicap. The addition of your new OptiShot golf simulator removes one barrier to a better game while offering up more time to play.


Practice makes perfect, right? Whether learning the game for the first time, weekly play in a local golf league, or a professional making a swing change, more reps means a better game. A golf swing becomes more comfortable the more you use it.
Most golfers aren't fortunate enough to have a David Leadbetter or Jim McLean offering tips on each ball you hit. But a full-time swing coach doesn't have to be out of the equation. Having an OptiShot Golf simulator is like having a coach offer key club and ball data -- instantly giving an analysis of your game. Remove the guessing game, avoid blistered hands, poor grooved habits, and a bruised ego. With OptiShot, you're a few clicks away from shortening the learning curve and shooting the scores you've always dreamed of.


Like any sport, golf is far more enjoyable when played with friends and family. A golf simulator offers the ability introduce your friends, family, or even your co-workers to a game that creates laughs, smiles, and maybe even a few frustrations. Many a deal was made, friendship solidified, and relationships built in the game of golf. Invite your friends over to play Pebble Beach, share your stories, and simply play better golf on some of the finest courses in the country.

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