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The next generation of golf simulators has arrived.

Posted by Ryan C. Erxleben on Jun 4, 2018, 4:12:13 PM

Pro Golfer and instructor, Ryan C. Erxleben takes his game indoors and out, with OptiShot's latest addition to the lineup: BALLFLIGHT.

IMG_0917-594594-editedAs golfers, in 2018, we are playing in the age of information. Technology takes out the guess work of club fitting, yardage, and club data and even carry distance. In the world of golf instruction, most Pros are utilizing the same technology to help students of the game dial in and simply put: play better golf.

"If the best players and top teaching pros are using technology to improve their game, why wouldn’t you?"

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some training time on many of the premier launch monitor/simulator systems that are available to golfers. Let me be clear on one thing: there is a major difference between information that is measured versus information that is calculated. If you are looking for the most accurate data it is critical to leverage technology that measures the data provided.

Usually, that data comes with a price.

However, earlier this year, OptiShot Golf, known for their ultra affordable Golf-In-A-Box Series, released a brand new launch monitor that puts the competition to the test.

The highly-anticipated, OptiShot BALLFLIGHT offers the simulator industry's only TRIO-Tracking technology: utilizing camera, infrared and radar tracking for data. And this new simulator option is definitely a new direction from the swing pad that is the company's staple.

"To be honest, having spent time on other technology, I had standards set rather high, and yet BALLFLIGHT delivered."


BallFlight retails at $5,995, while competitors offer similar technology at almost double the price.

Measured vs. Calculated:

I can't stress this enough. Every data parameter shown is measured. Using the above mentioned TRIO-Tracking, BALLFLIGHT provides club speed, ball speed, vertical launch, horizontal launch, carry distance, total distance, as well as spin rates and smash factor.

Portable / Easy Setup:

Lightweight and portable, the unit is roughly the size of a paper plate and only a bit heavier to carry. The leveling system on the top of the unit allows for easy adjustments to uneven terrain. Add a computer and a standard power cable and you're set to swing.


Let's be honest. Accuracy is everything in your training time.

Having spent time comparing data points head-to-head between BALLFLIGHT and its [more expensive] competitors there is a lot of bang for your buck with OptiShot's latest addition. From a young junior to a touring professional (and every golfer in-between) OptiShot BALLFLIGHT will help dial in your game.

"BALLFLIGHT is a game-changer in the simulator space. It has personally improved my game as a player, and as a teaching pro."

If you're interested in learning more about BallFlight and how to lower those scores this golf season, shoot me a message and I'd be happy to chat.



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