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Swing Your Swing.

Posted by Ryan C. Erxleben on Feb 14, 2019 8:35:52 AM

There is a considerable push moving throughout the golf community to “swing your swing.” I'm sure if you’ve watched any of the PGA Tour events lately you have seen some very untraditional moves that are producing some great results!

Simply put, the name of the game is getting the ball in the hole. IMG_0457

There are many ways to get the job done, but let's take a look at what exactly that means. There are many similar swing characteristics of the best male and female players in the world: just put their golf swing's need to perform under the most extreme pressure. (Example: coming into Amen Corner at Augusta on Sunday with a one-shot lead or playing in the final pairing for the first time in the U.S. Women’s Open.)  These players' swings must hold up under the most elite pressure.

So how does this affect you and your swing? Hint: exactly the same!

  • Your golf swing needs to match your expectations.
    • Higher handicaps (double digits) should not expect to swing their swing and shoot 65. The reality is, there most likely needs to be some time spent on fundamentals. A low single digit handicap, on the other hand, has many of the basic fundamentals down and can benefit significantly from “swinging their swing.” BUT WAIT! So can the higher handicap. Know your limitations, know your misses, and play the golf course in a way that suits the golf shots you have in your bag.
  • Consistency is key
    • Ball Position, Alignment, and Posture are all keys to help you create a repeatable ball flight. At the end of the day if you knew you could start a golf ball over the pond and draw it back every time without the fear of blocking it … YOU WOULD!
    • One of the most common mistakes I see with amateur players is that they are changing multiple things at once while on the golf course. This style of change is only going to confuse you as you aren’t sure what caused the change. Work one new thought, mechanic, or feel at a time. No one wants to get to #5 with out of bounds left and water on the right, and you have hit a push fade on #3 and a snap hook on #4… Your guess is as good as mine for #5! You are able to play your best golf when you know where the golf ball is going to go.
  • Trust Trust Trust
    • Regardless of the level, you’re at, High School, Top Ranked Amateur, Weekend Warrior, or Professional the key to “Swinging Your Swing” is trusting your swing. Trust the practice you’ve put in, imagine the shot you have chosen, trust the yardage & make a committed golf swing. The quickest way to send your round into a spiral is to begin to second guess yourself. Develop a routine that builds confidence and has a purpose.

The golf ball is only on the clubface for 0.0005 seconds (crazy right?), but the importance of what happens before impact plays a crucial role in the scores you shoot.

I hope this blog helped to answer some of your own thoughts on your golf swing and how you can benefit from “swinging your swing.” As always, free to message me on Instagram: @Ryancerxleben or send me an email at


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