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OptiShot Golf Adds Putting Simulator to Award-Winning Lineup

Posted by OptiShot Golf on Nov 7, 2017, 8:29:26 AM

NORTHVILLE, Mich (November 6, 2017) – OptiShot Golf, the number one selling golf simulator in the world, announced the addition of a brand new putting simulator to its lineup. OptiShot Pure, a camera-based simulator offers a look at each aspect of perfecting the putt, while providing a fun and entertaining way to golf at home.

 Simple to set up, the OptiShot Pure tracks and analyzes the putting stroke accounting for distance, direction, stroke path and club head rotation. Using high-speed camera technology, Pure connects to the user’s CPU, which allows for easy integration to an HDTV or projector.

The software offers high-definition graphics and true-to-life putting scenarios - OptiShot Pure behaves and responds like true golf on the green.

 "OptiShot Pure was launched as a key addition to our home simulator line-up,” Kevin Johnson, President, COO of OptiShot Golf stated. “The simulator gives each golfer the experience of camera technology to dial in, arguably, the most important club in the bag.” 

“It's design and ease of use enables friends, family, and competitors to test their putting stroke from any distance, slope or green speeds using the putter in their bag.”

"OptiShot Pure provides a fun and educational training tool for the professional, amateur or novice golfer," continued Johnston.

 To learn more, visit OptiShot Golf online:

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