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Distance Alert!

Posted by Ryan C. Erxleben on Jan 15, 2019 1:57:50 PM

With the way the golf industry is heading, distance is everything.

The latest equipment has targeted distance, the golf ball is traveling farther, and golf simulators are providing instant feedback displaying clubhead speeds and carry distances. Most say to hit the ball farther you need more club speed.

What if I told you that isn’t the only way? Grab your notepad, you’re going to want to write this down: Ball Speed, Launch Angles, and Spin Rates are your key to unlocking distance you already have!

Ball speed refers to the speed of the golf ball immediately after impact. Ball speed is increased or decreased by varying club head speeds and location of impact on the club face. Launch Angle is the angle of ascent immediately after impact. Your launch angle varies based on the amount of loft presented at impact, as well as the location of impact on the club face. Your Spin Rate is the amount of spin on the golf ball immediately after impact. Remember, the golf ball only spins backward.

Here is the best news: Optishot Golf’s newest product releases BALLFLIGHT & VISION measure these data points using both radar and camera technology. To know your baseline and what your numbers are Optishot has you covered.

Now that you know you are looking to sync your ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate together, I am going to help you understand what those numbers are.

As a general consensus if you swing:

  • 80mph your launch angle should be 13-14 degrees with a spin rate of 3,000rpm
  • 90mph your launch angle should be 12-14 degrees with a spin rate of 2,700-3,000rpm
  • 100mph your launch angle should be 10-13 degrees with a spin rate of 2,300-2,700rpm

    PGA Tour Average
    Club Speed: 113mph
    Launch Angle: 10.9 degrees
    Spin Rate: 2686rpm
    Carry Distance: 275

    LPGA Tour Average
    Club Speed: 94
    Launch Angle: 13.2 degrees
    Spin Rate: 2611rpm
    Carry Distance: 218

    Ball speeds can be increased as a result of more club speed, or a more centered hit at impact. Launch angles can be increased as a result of an upward angle of attack and decreased as a result of a more downward angle of attack. Your spin rate is generally increased with more loft and more club speed.

    As we enter into mid-January, make sure you are putting in the work. Your golf game will thank you come June, I promise.

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