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Bring Golf Home: Meet #TeamOptiShot

Posted by Ryan C. Erxleben on Oct 29, 2018 12:02:19 PM

For almost two years, I have been a member of #TeamOptiShot. But who IS OptiShot Golf, exactly?


In 2017, when I decided to chase my dream of playing professional golf, I knew I needed the right "village" behind me. Team OptiShot, the ones behind the scenes are an incredible group who are dedicated and passionate about the game of golf.

For me, it was the perfect fit -- and I've been truly blown away by the support of the brand, on and off the golf course. OptiShot Golf looks to provide customers with the best products, and even better customer service. When you are a customer, you become part of the family, a member of Team OptiShot.

Not yet a member of our team? Unfamiliar with just how much this brand has grown? Allow me to make some introductions.

 The OptiShot Swing Pad

The legacy. The OG, (if you will.) This is where it all began: the swing pad. The OS2 Swing Pad is an excellent way to improve your game while having fun competing against your friends, taking part in tournaments and closest-to-the-pin events. Even better, it's the most affordable simulator on the market at only $299!

With the OS2 you can get your game on any time - rain or shine, day or night. I mean, why should a great golf

simulator only be accessible to the pros or the uber-wealthy? The OptiShot team of designers and engineers are leaders in the world of golf analytics, the swing pad provides Club Path, Club Face, Contact, Club Speed, and Tempo. Even better, OptiShot2 comes pre-loaded with 15 golf courses with access to many more famed greens.


OptiShot BallFlight

Have you met one of the newest members of the team? BallFlight has taken Optishot into the next tier of golf simulators, with its trio-tracking technology and measured club and ball data.

Personally, BallFlight has been integral to dialing in my yardages, and maintain my golf swing. If you are looking to improve your game while having the ability to hit shots both on the range and the course… this technology is the right solution and competitively priced at $5,995.


Optishot Vision

Consider this your VIP access. OptiShot just dropped a new simulator and its a game-changer. OptiShot Vision offers realistic course play on 65 world-renown courses and accurate analytics. Featuring high-speed 3CAM technology, providing measured ball and club data, course play, club fitting, and tournament play, Vision gives a glimpse into the future of golf simulation, from an overhead perspective. Want to be at the front of the line? Reach out to our sales team here.


OptiShot Golf doesn't just stop at superior simulator technology, their team offers solutions for all of your in-home golf needs: custom build-outs, turf, nets, projectors, screens, and so much more. If you haven't already, add to your bookmarks. Tis the season to start swinging ... without ever leaving home.

Keep tagging us using #TeamOptiShot for a chance to win great prizes, and stay tuned. More tips, tools, and VIP announcements are coming.




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