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Posted by Ryan C. Erxleben on Oct 23, 2017, 4:29:12 PM

I hope this post finds you in great spirits because life is far too short to be anything less than your best!

Today I am going to share with you general tips on where to place the ball in your stance to make the best contact. Ball positioning is one of the easiest, yet most underrated steps to most amateurs struggling to drop their scores and improve their golf game. 

With each club in our bag (excluding the driver) we want to make what I call Ball-First contact. In other words, we want the low point of our swing to take place after the golf ball, which would result in a strike to the golf ball, followed by a strike to the turf. In golf terms, we call this HITTING DOWN on the golf ball.

We will start with wedges.ryan.png

Greenside: Center
The Knockdown: Back of your stance
Full Swing: Center

Now, moving to the Irons.

PW-6Iron: Center
5Iron-3Iron: One ball forward of center
Hybrid: One ball forward of center
3Wood:One ball forward of center

Now, with the clubs stated above, we want to have a negative attack angle, or we want to hit down on the golf ball in order to get the ball to launch into the air. Now with the driver (the least lofted club in your bag), we want to catch this ball on the upswing so we want to HIT UP ON THE BALL WITH DRIVER.

Now for the Driver.

On the inside of the lead leg (leg closest to the target) heel, if you tend to hit the ball high, play the ball closer to the middle of your stance to increase your distance. If you tend to hit the ball lower play the ball more forward in your stance to increase your launch and pick up more carry distance.

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As always, happy golfing!

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