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Hannah Pietila is one half of @PinSeekingSisters -- two ladies who love to golf! These student athletes are recent graduates from the University of Tennessee, and OptiShot Golf ambassadors! Follow along for practice tips and drills.

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No Off Season

Posted by Hannah Pietila on Apr 12, 2018 12:24:01 PM
Why an indoor golf simulator?

To this, I say: "why not?"

For many, seasonal climates and unpredictable weather patterns can create a challenge for training your swing outdoors. Fortunately, indoor golf simulators offer an opportunity to keep your game on point, even when the weather is less than cooperative.

So how do you make the most out of your "simulation experience?" Easy: focus on one data point at a time -- quality not quantity

One common mistake golfers make when playing indoor golf is to focus on all the data thrown at them after each shot. While it is good to have an understanding of each data point and its effect on your shot, it can also be quite overwhelming. When training, I leverage the focusing on a target number and creating an upper and lower boundary, a.k.a. "the green zone."

The result? A more focused training experience on my OptiShot.

Once I am consistently hitting shots in the green zone, I move to my next data point, keeping the previous "zone" in mind. This makes it easier to improve your experience and find "quick wins" for your performance.

Golf is a game of confidence, it's crucial to build that up on every shot. When hitting on a simulator, you have the ability (and blessing) of hitting everything off the same lie. The key is to use this to your advantage. By focusing on hitting the same shot, off the same lie, the opportunity to build your confidence grows for that same shot on the course.

The consistency of a good golf mat will allow your body to relax and be more focused to hit the tough shots you need to during your training time.

Call it baby steps, or training tips, ultimately the goal of becoming confident in any shot is just a few more swings away.
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Understanding Your Club Face & Path

Posted by Hannah Pietila on Nov 14, 2017 9:48:02 AM

There are nine different ball flights that you can create with your path and club face. I have outlined them in the chart below:

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